Sunday, April 13, 2014

Needs sanity

Today I came home after church ready to have dinner. We were all soooo hungry. Kids and husband were all reaching for snacks as I sent them all to leave the kitchen so I could heat up the quiche I had made.

Flash back to a few days ago I told Daniel to make sure nothing is in the oven when hen he started pre heat because I had caught Tobin putting Sophie's dolls in there a few times. I knew I needed to get a baby lock but figured I'd just do that at the he new place since we are almost moved out.

Today I turned the oven on and had the thought to check like I had recommended and just as I was about to I heard Sophie scream. She fell off the bunk bed ladder and hit her head on the floor and was pretty upset. I consoled her and helped her change out of her church dress into her favorite kind of outfit to cheer her up. (Pants and a skirt) 

I remembered I needed to get back to cooking and walked into the kitchen to see lots of smoke coming out of the top vent of our oven. The vent that's under one of the range burners, yikes. I opened the oven to see Sophie's doll burning to her doll death inside. Lots of fire.  

I freak yelling to Daniel there was a fire. I knew to keep the oven closed but other then that I for some reason just freaked out. (Totally horrible example to my kids) we used to have an extinguisher but I am not sure where it went during out last move. Anyhow. Daniel threw some baking soda on that poor doll and it was out right away.

Meanwhile Tobin keeps asking what happened and "bire scary bire hot" he said he was sorry to Sophie. Sophie had a good cry. She is so sad her Sonia doll is gone. Luckily they have the same doll still for sale at Target. They really are cute dolls. 

this was her doll before: so stinking cute. 

This is her doll now...

Sad right!?  Seeing a cute doll burning is really freaky looking too. Guess we'll be going to Target soon. This was Sophie's favorite doll. 

What's more sad is how It completely freaked me out and my kids because I forgot to stay calm. Now I know. I'll be better next time. Wait.. There better not EVER be a next time.  Yikes.  

This is Tobin now...

He knows what he did and is obsessed with standing by the oven to talk about it. Hard to stay mad at his cute face for too long. I will be definitely use a oven lock at the house. 

He says "needs" before he tells me what he wants all the time. "Needs food mom!" 
"needs drink mom!" This has been a tough week for him. He has been a bit naughty and really trying for attention in all the wrong ways. I feel a bit crazy because of it but I know we will be back to normal life this week and things should get better. 

This is me saying 

"Needs sanity" 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Scrubby the bunny

Crazy morning. 

Lost Anakhas bunny Scrubby. We had not seen him all night and this morning. How does one lose a bunny? 

Tobin insisted he threw scrubby off our 3rd floor balcony.

 Anakha was so so upset to think she would probably not see him again.  We looked for him outside but did not find him. 

It was a very sad stressful morning. 


 Kailani found him.

 In an empty bedside table drawer. Anakha put him in there last night while she tidied her room and forgot about him. Lol 

poor bunny. 

Every one is happy now that he is not gone forever.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby haircut and thoughts.

Her hair was growing so funny and patchy. So we decided to give it a short buzz to let it all grow out evenly. She now looks even more younger. I sure adore this girl. Lately she has been a major mamas girl only wanting me to hold her. Crying lots if I am not. She has been fighting naps and having lots of diaper blowouts. (Result of adding formula in to help her grow) All this amongst packing up for a move makes for a little bit of a difficult situation on my time. I think she can sense change is happening and I am more stressed and busy then usual. 

I am thankful my older girls help out so much when Daddy is at work. She will be seven months old next week. Wow. Time flies. 


I made this as a tablet wallpaper to remind me I can do it. That no matter what tough days there are I can wake up and have a good attitude and try to embrace my best. If I fall short at least I tried and it's better then not right?

Also made this one to remind me to get rid of excuses. Those darn excuses get in the way every time. Enough with them. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

We recently found a home we will rent nearby. Our lease was up soon and we are not ready to buy yet. We know this is still whats best for our family. I prayed and looked prayed and looked. After a few homes I was starting to feel frustrated. I could not let my frustration show to my children who were watching my every step. 

"Heavenly Father has a home prepared for us. I know it. It's okay that home was stinky and gross and not right for us. It's okay this home had too many rose bushes we cared to take on responsibility for. (yikes) Its all okay. Why? Because it means we are just one step closer to finding the right place. "

I would tell my children. 

I thought I found the perfect adorable little cottage. It was in an up and coming historic district of our town. It was so cute. The owner was a contractor. They took such great care if this adorable home. It was old but renovated so nicely. It was in our right price range. It had a beautifully landscaped backyard perfect for entertaining and endless hours of outside playtime. I loved it and asked for an application. My Mr. liked it too. I wanted to apply for it so bad but in my gut I kept feeling frustrated about two things. 

It was on a busy road and had no storage or garage space. I need my little ones to be safe and we need a place to store even a lawn mower. I kept trying to convince myself solutions and that it would be okay but no matter what this battle in my head was going on. I prayed for help to understand what was best. I asked God to help me know the solutions to those issues if this was the right home for us. (Did I mention this home was adorable and I really wanted it to be the right place?) That night around midnight I was up nursing Little Leela-LaRue and had the impression I should go back online and browse homes again. It was then that I found the home we now will move into in a few weeks. When I looked at the pictures online I knew it was right. I felt like God was telling me, his child just as I was telling my own children,

"Its okay that other home was on a busy road. Its okay. Because I have prepared this home for your family" 

I have not been able to stop thinking about how grateful I feel that once again God has sent his blessings pouring down. Yesterday, I taught a Sunday school lesson about how with God all things are possible. It was so fitting to be able to teach this lesson to these sweet children. Not only to teach it but to also bear testimony of it. In Genesis, we learn an important lesson that God taught Abraham. Abraham was told he and Sarah will have a son. When Sarah overheard and laughed (probably rejoiced as well) she asked if it really was going to happen (she was really old) The Answer given to her was this important question "Is any thing too hard for the Lord?" 

 All things with God are possible. NOTHING is too hard for the Lord. He can move mountains. He has more blessings then we can ever imagine waiting for us when we show faith in him. 

I am not only so excited to move for so many reasons but I know that we were able to find the right home for us for the next few years because of Faith. Because I believed Nothing is too hard for the Lord. He answered my prayers and has sent us a home with not only what I was praying for  (safety and storage) but a few little perks thrown in the mix just for fun to show how awesome he really is. 

One scripture I love and want to end this post with is a great reminder to all. We may not understand how it will all work out but it does. It will always work out according to his will. His will is what is always best for us. God knows whats best and with him all things are possible. 

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20 things I see right now from my sofa

Just felt like documenting my crazy life in a silly way tonight. Sat here exhausted and frustrated with kids not going to sleep. Finally got the hyper toddler boy asleep. I look around and in one way I see it as crazy. Then I looked again and while it is messy and needs tidying up it shows our life. A life I would not trade for any other. So for now I will sit and share the first twenty things I see. Then I will go to sleep and clean up tomorrow with the kids of course. :)

  1. Vintage Mega blocks on the floor. broken up but still showing the stairs design made before dinner.
  2. Scattered pet shop toys from Kailani having them play on the blocks.
  3. wooden train conductors from Tobin having them play on the blocks.
  4. a wide awake 5 month old Little Leela on her belly in the bouncy chair. she refuses to lay on her back in it. 
  5. stack of books I am reading on the edge of our media dresser, My scriptures, my journal, The 17 second Miracle, The Thomas Jefferson Education, Gift from the Sea.
  6. bag of library books on the floor. about 5 cobblestone magazines, 5 faces magazines, books on Egyptian science, KingFischers encyclopedia of History and one on Life. Plus many others along those themes. Its a very Heavy bag.
  7. scattered kitchen chairs. As if the kids just jumped out of them.
  8. couscous crumbs on the floor. Haven't vacuumed yet. we had rotisserie chicken, couscous, and peas for dinner. yum. 
  9. Ikea straws (my favorite) in glass cups from dinner. 
  10. plastic bag of books to donate to our local thrift store. getting ready for a move. Gotta spring clean. parting with books is so hard for us.
  11. un matching throw pillows all over my sofa. still no plan for my LR style. I need help. 
  12. drool on the bebe's hands. She is in teething mode. Its gross. haha 
  13. Two crates of homeschool supplies we use daily. Binders, paper, hole punches, pencils, crayons, notebooks, books, and more books. fun stuff. 
  14. my unused and lonely sewing machine. I miss it but have had no energy to start a project lately. One day we will be best friends. but not today. or tomorrow. when we reunite I think I'll sew something I see HERE.
  15. my favorite diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom.Seriously. My first real diaper bag and worth every penny. 
  16. an old 1920's dresser nasty and ready for a makeover. somehow I still love it. Its like THIS except red and needs major TLC.
  17. baggie of m&m's next to me. Got the kids a treat at costco of these. Now I sit and they tempt me even though I am not a fan of chocolate. 
  18. our front door covered in art held up by magnets the kids are so proud of. Oh-how do I choose when to  take them all down and freshen up. They are all so darling. 
  19. my toe nails half painted. uh. yah. This mommy needs a pedi. 
  20. papers. papers in the stacks of books. papers on clip boards. papers are like a virus here. We love doodling. we love writing. We love taking notes. We need to find a better way of keeping these papers under control. I think they are having babies and multiplying while I sleep. 
Well. That's all for tonight. Time for this mommy to go to sleep. All the babies are sleeping now. Thank Goodness. 




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