Thursday, August 14, 2014

We love flash cards..and baby!

Try again. Written originally last month but it would not publish. ;) 

This sweet little gal is 10 months old this weekend! 

I am amazed at how much she changes eachand every day.


She is a fast crawler and quickly moves abvout the house to anything she thinks looks fun. Or yummy. She puts everything in her mouth. She has taken up to two steps recently but still prefers to crawl and sit down. She has been mastering the art of standing without falling this week. But when we encourage her to walk she sits down. She will be walking by her first birthday thats for sure. 

She is a whopping 13 lbs. 
Let that tiny size not fool you. She is getting chubby underneath. All her bottles of formula and baby food has certainly helped. I am sad we finished nursing this month. 10 months isnt bad though. I have had babies nurse less time. I just didnt have very good milk supply and my milk apparantly wasnt fatty enough for her to grow. Once we put her on formula she started to gain a pound a month. 

These photos are where her new favorite place to hang out is. She knows we keep all our flash cards on the bottom of the red library cart. Its pretty common to have a bunch of those cards strewn about around the cart. We are deciding where we can put them so they are up and away from her but not out of sight ( out of mind)

I tend to forget about flash cards if we put them away where we dont see them everyday. When we see them its so easy to pull a deck out and go through it for a fun activity. My favorite pack of flash cards are places around the world. (of course!)  Target is known for having some awesome flash cards in their dollar section usually around July-August. I always keep my eye out for new packs around this time. ( one of my favorite times of the year, shopping for school supplies for cheap during back to school sales)

New boxes of crayons for .39 ? YES please! 

We also love to stock up on supplies to put in Operation Christmas child shoe boxes. 

For now Leela just loves to eat the cards but one day shell get to read them herself. Who doesnt want to know all about Turantulas!? 

Thats all for now. Sorry Ive been MIA. Life with six kids is busy. An adventure for sure. 

Love, hugs, Best wishes and all that jazz! 


A few more Photos just for fun: Follow me on Instagram if youd like. momentsbyJL

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DAY 2 OF gym


So it looks like blogger decided to post what I wrote yesterday morning this morning. So as mentioned in the other post I had a personal training appointment this morning. AT.....5:30 am. Now, This is not my usual wake up time. Usually I wake up around 7:30 when either leela or Tobin wake up. I have known I wanted this to change. Actually, I know it needed to change. So I made the apointment early so I could have time to get home and enjoy some quiet before the whole house is up. It feels wonderful and quiet. 

How did my PT appointment go you ask? Well, ...He didnt show up. yah. discouraging and frustrating. They called him and he talked to me. He felt bad and wanted to reschedule. I did but I was a bit mad and felt like switching to try a different one but decided sometimes people need a 2nd chance. So tonight I'll meet with him. I have not set specific goals yet as I dont really know where I am at with stats etc on my body. I am excited to get all that down on paper so the real fun and hard work can begin. 

I have not exersised in 8 years. This is so foreign to my body. Today I did 10 min warm up of a brisk walk on the treadmill and after the whole PT reschedule I went to do 15 min on the eliptical. Its easy to feel dumb only doing such a small amount but I will have to remind myself its okay. Everyone is at different levels. This was a push for me. All of it. To get up at o dark 30 and to do that cardio. I forgot my music so I just watched all the super strong people workout. haha Motivating.

Well, I am going to go read a bit ( might as well start more new habits with mny early rise) and then get ready for a rockin day with my kiddos. 



Hello there!

I am so excited! I am all set up to blog with my mini Ipad. I opened my Birthday present a few minutes ago and this is me trying it out. whoohoo!!! 

I have been missing blogging but have not had a computer that works properly for a while. When deciding on what kind of computer to get we ultimitly decided to get a tablet and eventually get a keyboard cover I could use to blog with. Its so exciting to be back connected! I told my kiddos I would try this out while they watch me and eat their cereal. haha So far this is great. I love that its a cover/stand for the tablet then a separate sleek apple keyboard to type. Easy for travel and great for homeschool too. 

I hope to be sharing my new journey with you very soon. What would that be? Well, I joined a gym last night and decided recently that I want to start body building. I have a few friends body building and have inspired me so much. I am tired of feeling weak. I just want to be strong! I need to be able to br strong enough to have more kids.  I want to be strong enough to work hard. Go on missions trips and help do hard work. Go hike with my sister to her property in Costa Rica one day.  Ride a bike and not get winded, heck, get on a bike without fear that if I crash all my bones will break in a million pieces. 


I have felt like I can barely open a jar. That is sad. Just wrong. I have felt my bones feel like they are going to break in half. Thats scary. I have been to my Doctor and am working with her on everything. We found out I have HYpoThyroid so I am on meds to help with that. Plus on lots of vitamins everyday to help where I am defficiant. 

Anyhow. More on my goals and progress later. I am just here to say Hi and try out my new setup but that new and exciting things are happening!

Thanks sweetie. I love you and am so blessed you treat me so good! 

I hope you all have a great and fantastic day! 

 Want pictures? I'll leave a few for you. ;) 


Leela misses me all the time. I have not started baby wearing her and she does not like when I have to leave her on the floor to make lunch.  She is getting to be a fast little crawler. I love it. Too adorable! She does not cry all the time. She really is a great little baby. She loves attention and snuggling. So she is happy to play for a while but then she wants to suck her thumb and have her face in my neck. Weird I know but so cute, 


We snuggled on the floor Sunday night. I LOVE how snuggly she is. MAkes my day to feel her warmth and feel so needed and loved by such a little human being. 

I started using a fun new app called Paper. I LOVE sketching fashion designs out with it. Its been great doing that again. I hope once we are settled in the new house I will be able to pick one and sew it into real life. ( oh yah. We also recently moved into a bigger place. A house! We LOVE the space and yard and neighbors. Its been SO nice having a yard fenced for Tobin to run and play in.)


Its me! Have not taken many pics of myself over the past while. Less selfies happen when I am without my iphone. Which I gave up because I was on it way too much. So far The ipad has been an easier fun electronic to have but too inconvient to hold when nursing or cooking and such. I will continue to keep a goopd balance. Blogging again will be so much fun. Kailani insisited she take my photo. She did a pretty good job too. 


Finally, Some words to inspire. Its true. When I had Leela Naturally I repeated in my mind 
" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. " I found so much comfort and strength in that during the hard contractions. It was amazing because I truly would not say labor was painful. It was difficult and uncomfortable but it was not pain that I know. I use this to help me with anything else. I know I am capable of hard work when I remind myself that I had a baby with no drugs. To me that is an amazing feat. 

I am excited for my future. I am excited to achieve results but patient and know they will happen in their own due time. I will share Before and after / current pics and updates here. be on the look out! I have my first PT appointment tomarrow at 5:30am! So exciting. 

Well, Thats all for now. I'll share more pics another day. I need to get back to my kids who just finished their breakfast. Because....I love them and .....


              Miss you all friends and family. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Needs sanity

Today I came home after church ready to have dinner. We were all soooo hungry. Kids and husband were all reaching for snacks as I sent them all to leave the kitchen so I could heat up the quiche I had made.

Flash back to a few days ago I told Daniel to make sure nothing is in the oven when hen he started pre heat because I had caught Tobin putting Sophie's dolls in there a few times. I knew I needed to get a baby lock but figured I'd just do that at the he new place since we are almost moved out.

Today I turned the oven on and had the thought to check like I had recommended and just as I was about to I heard Sophie scream. She fell off the bunk bed ladder and hit her head on the floor and was pretty upset. I consoled her and helped her change out of her church dress into her favorite kind of outfit to cheer her up. (Pants and a skirt) 

I remembered I needed to get back to cooking and walked into the kitchen to see lots of smoke coming out of the top vent of our oven. The vent that's under one of the range burners, yikes. I opened the oven to see Sophie's doll burning to her doll death inside. Lots of fire.  

I freak yelling to Daniel there was a fire. I knew to keep the oven closed but other then that I for some reason just freaked out. (Totally horrible example to my kids) we used to have an extinguisher but I am not sure where it went during out last move. Anyhow. Daniel threw some baking soda on that poor doll and it was out right away.

Meanwhile Tobin keeps asking what happened and "bire scary bire hot" he said he was sorry to Sophie. Sophie had a good cry. She is so sad her Sonia doll is gone. Luckily they have the same doll still for sale at Target. They really are cute dolls. 

this was her doll before: so stinking cute. 

This is her doll now...

Sad right!?  Seeing a cute doll burning is really freaky looking too. Guess we'll be going to Target soon. This was Sophie's favorite doll. 

What's more sad is how It completely freaked me out and my kids because I forgot to stay calm. Now I know. I'll be better next time. Wait.. There better not EVER be a next time.  Yikes.  

This is Tobin now...

He knows what he did and is obsessed with standing by the oven to talk about it. Hard to stay mad at his cute face for too long. I will be definitely use a oven lock at the house. 

He says "needs" before he tells me what he wants all the time. "Needs food mom!" 
"needs drink mom!" This has been a tough week for him. He has been a bit naughty and really trying for attention in all the wrong ways. I feel a bit crazy because of it but I know we will be back to normal life this week and things should get better. 

This is me saying 

"Needs sanity" 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Scrubby the bunny

Crazy morning. 

Lost Anakhas bunny Scrubby. We had not seen him all night and this morning. How does one lose a bunny? 

Tobin insisted he threw scrubby off our 3rd floor balcony.

 Anakha was so so upset to think she would probably not see him again.  We looked for him outside but did not find him. 

It was a very sad stressful morning. 


 Kailani found him.

 In an empty bedside table drawer. Anakha put him in there last night while she tidied her room and forgot about him. Lol 

poor bunny. 

Every one is happy now that he is not gone forever.  


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